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Lumber Treatment and Preparation

Preparing and treating your antique lumber is the first and most important part of the restoration process. To best accomplish this, Benedict Antique Lumber and Stone treats authentic lumber with a boric acid solution. The boric acid solution acts as an insecticide and a fungicide for the wood. This first step in the lumber treatment and preparation process ensures that your lumber won't become infected with mold or insects at any point during its life span.

Benedict Antique Lumber advocates for the importance of lumber treatment and preparation, as there are definite advantages to treating lumber before using it for a new project. This process preserves the aesthetic and the authenticity of barn frames, beams, and siding to convey a rustic appeal that's unique only to reclaimed wood that has been weathered over time.

Reclaiming antique lumber is a labor-intensive endeavor, and the wood itself is a finite material. By taking the time to prepare barn wood for interior use, you're not only getting the best possible product but also protecting your investment from mold, insects, and decay. The gnarled, weathered wood has been exposed to the elements and environment for years, meaning it's not perfect from the moment it was reclaimed. This further necessitates the need for lumber treatment and preparation.

Our method of treatment for applying boric acid solution is by pressure blasting. This not only removes dirt, paint, lime, bugs, and mold but also closely color matches our antique hand hewn beams each other to a beautiful honey brown while preserving its 200 year old patina. Straight out of the barn some beams are gray, whitewashed or painted sour our acid blast prepares and cleans the beams for safe interior use in you home.

Benedict Antique Lumber has years of expertise and service, allowing us to perfect our practices and ensure we're using only the best practices for reclaiming and preparing antique wood. For the best beams, siding, flooring, and more, consider using Benedict Antique Lumber as your go-to service. We'll help you build a space that creates a familiar, rustic atmosphere while providing something visually unique.

The finite nature of antique wood makes it all the more sought after, so don't hesitate to take advantage of our services. Contact us today!
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