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Reclaimed Barnwood Suppliers

Benedict Antique Lumber & Stone is a small reclaimed barnwood supplier that helps our customers build custom Timber Frame homes. We can construct your new home from our inventory of antique hand-hewn beams reclaimed from the 18th and 19th century that have endured the rugged climate of the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania. This incredibly strong lumber is used to remodel or build elegant new homes and offices which desire a historic feel. The recovered wood can also be used to repair existing structures from the period. Reclaimed beams serve as a solid foundation in new construction and recovered planks transform into stylish hardwood flooring. Pollutants and deforestation have lessened the strength of modern lumber, but reclaimed antique timber grew slower with tighter growth rings that have with stood generations of heavy farm machinery and catastrophic storms.
As a reclaimed wood supplier located in Susquhanna County, PA, we may be a small dot on the map, but our area is rich in historical barns that we salvage. Our barnwood can be anywhere from 100-200 years old, aged to a rustic perfection! Our passion is to give new life to this antique barnwood, bringing its perfectly weathered qualities and character into your home. There are countless options when it comes to bringing barnwood into your home. Add a unique hand-hewn beam coffered ceiling, install our versatile antique barnwood flooring, or bring a little texture to your room by creating an accent wall with our antique barnwood siding. These additions to your space make an eye catching, quality, and character filled upgrade to your space. What's your next project? Make it one of a kind with wood from Benedict Antique Lumber, your trusted reclaimed lumber supplier.
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