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Antique Barns for Sale
Barns enhance your property in many ways, offering aesthetic and practical qualities to enjoy. And old wooden barns, in particular, offer you all that with some added charm. Whether you are looking for a unique addition to your land or a fun DIY project, our antique barns for sale are perfect for your needs. These wooden architectures offer characteristic charm, one-of-a-kind lumber, and bountiful beauty, giving you lots to love and work with to design a space that best serves you.

Our experts reclaim and restore the basics of these antique barns for sale, giving you sturdy structures and wooden beams to enjoy without fear of rot or detrimental wear and tear. Shop our selection of reclaimed barns for sale for a rustic, functional, and charming new addition to your property. For any inquiries or orders, contact us today.
Watkins Barn
Exceptional Condition

Recently dismantled is this 48' x 50' barn which is in exceptional condition. The timber frame bents have 7" x 7" beams ready to be reassembled. Rarely do you find a complete structure so well maintained that all the bents are useable and in good shape. After being reclaimed and restored by our experts, the aged wood has become stronger and more durable than other types of wood. Take advantage of this excellent reclaimed barn for sale and enjoy the unique, irreplicable look only reclaimed barn wood can provide.

This well-maintained post and beam frame and original rafters is being offered for $39,000.00 which does not include delivery or set up.

Benedict Antique Lumber and Stone would prefer to have these beams remain as a frame, simply stated because of their condition. We feel it would be a shame to cut them as reclaimed wooden beams provide unmatched support and design to your barn.
This antique barn frame was constructed with hewn hemlock in 1828 and is approximately 28' x 48'. All frames are dismantled, tagged, and blueprinted for re-assembly. Prices do not include sills, sleepers, joists, or delivery but does account for the barn frame using the original rafters. Though the reclaimed barn wood is old, don't think for a moment it's become rotten or weak. Our experts refurbish the wood and make it stronger than ever—turning the gnarled appearance caused by weathering into a status symbol admired by all.

Make this one-of-a-kind barn for sale yours before it's gone. Reclaimed barnwood cannot be replicated in any other way than through the wear and tear of time, so supplies will always be limited. Act today for a barn that has unmatched quality, strength, and aesthetic appeal that will complement your farm—in terms of both practical application and style.
Snake Creek Barn
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