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Custom Wood Creations
Benedict Antique Lumber offers custom wood creations that will provide you with high-quality furniture and housing upgrades that are beautiful, durable, and entirely unique. Creations like custom wood shelving are a subtle but meaningful addition that will provide aesthetic and practical value to your home.


The appearance of reclaimed barn wood is like no other. Impossible to replicate artificially, reclaimed custom wood creations feature a remarkably unique appearance that is rustic yet elegant. Using the knots and warping of time as a feature, custom wood counters, shelves, sliding doors, and more add a distinguished accent to your home that is sure to catch your eyes with its one-of-a-kind beauty.

Because reclaimed wood can only come from old structures that have spent decades enduring the environment, the wood used in these creations is limited in supply, ensuring that its value remains consistently high. Never worry about your reclaimed wood creations ever going out of style or diminishing in their worth!


Because reclaimed wood comes from old structures that have withstood the rigors of time and the elements, it's not uncommon to think the wood would be exceptionally brittle. This couldn't be farther from the truth, however, as custom reclaimed wood goes through an extensive refurbishing process that strengthens and protects the wood. As a result, the wood is incredibly resilient and expected to last for centuries rather than mere decades. Reclaimed wood creations are an investment that will easily last you a lifetime.


Thanks to the incredible strength and durability of reclaimed custom wood creations, the designs of your furnishings can conform to your needs and preferences. Working with our professionals, we'll help you design and build beautiful furnishings that complement your home. Browse our gallery of custom wood creations today to get an idea of what we can do for you!

Benedict Antique Lumber is here to provide you with only the finest wooden creations, so get in contact with us today to learn more about how we can create something truly unique and beautiful for your home.
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