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Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS)

Structural Insulated Panels (or SIPS) are changing the way houses are being made.

SIPS consist of a piece of foam pressure laminated between two outside layers of wood (normally plywood). SIPS are a single unit replacing seperate framing, insulation and sheathing. SIPS reduce air infiltration and allows for no gaps or air pockets and fewer thermal breaks.

The result is a tighter building envelope that is more energy efficient.

SIPS are manufactured in a controlled environment which maintains their consistency.

SIPS have R-values starting at 14 for 3 1/2" thick cores and surprisingly up to R-value 48 for 11 3/8" core. SIPS are cost efficient. See Branch River Plastics for more information.

Environmentally friendly benefit of SIPS:

SIPS are stronger than traditional stick framed houses. SIPS have withstood the Great Hanshin earthquake in Japan, the North Ridge earthquake, and Hurricane Andrew. The one piece design creates a wall and roof material that is strong, withstands buckling and shearing, and is designed to last.

Combining SIPS and a Benedict Antique Lumber and Stone timber frame, you will be building a stronger, energy efficient, and environment friendly modern home.