Benedict Antique Lumber & Stone -- We sell only QUALITY reclaimed barn frames, barn wood and assorted stone. RR 2 Box 208 AB, New Milford PA 18834, Phone: 570-465-7878
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Antique Reclaimed Barnwood Siding, Beams, and Cabinets

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Green Building MaterialsBenedict Antique Lumber & Stone is a small company that builds custom Timber Frame homes. We can construct your new home from our inventory of antique hand hewn beams reclaimed from the 18th and 19th century that have endured the rugged climate of the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania. This incredibly strong lumber is used to remodel or build elegant new homes and offices which desire a historic feel. The recovered wood can also be used to repair existing structures from the period. Reclaimed beams serve as a solid foundation in new construction and recovered planks transform into stylish hardwood flooring. Pollutants and deforestation have lessened the strength of modern lumber, but reclaimed antique timber grew slower with tighter growth rings that have with stood generations of heavy farm machinery and catastrophic storms.

Decorate Your Home With Authentic Barnwood Kitchen Cabinets!
Barnwood Kitchen Cabinets

Recent Barnwood Home Project

Barnwood home project Barnwood home project Barnwood home project Barnwood home project Barnwood home project Barnwood home project

What is a Barn/Home Conversion? A barn/home conversion is an antique timber frame that has been disassembled, tagged and blueprinted, then altered, relocated and reassembled as a home, garage, or office. Click here to see a list of our current barn frames.

Old barn wood timber frame architectural affect is created from reclaimed barn beams.  The fieldstone fireplace has a barn beam mantel.

See a Barn/Home Conversion in Action. Benedict Antique Lumber and Stone recently erected a new home made from a Hand-Sawn Hemlock barn frame. We can install beams in remodeling projects and new construction. View a gallery of images as the Benedict Antique Lumber and Stone staff completes another barn/home conversion.

Methodically timber frames are dismantled, mortise notches, tennon integrity, and overall beam condition are inspected. Necessary adjustments are made replacing rejected beams in the frame or alterations, adding/removing bents and bays to adjust to size. Customizing every frame can be done from adding floors to adding dormers. Timber frame construction with Barn Beams installed in Cathedral Ceiling with skylights for a school.

How much work is involved? Dismantling and converting frames is very labor intensive and ultimately it reflects in the cost of all reclaimed materials. Benedict Antique Lumber and Stone uses its own equipment, mill, and manpower, which helps to keep pricing competitive.

A dramatic ceiling is created with reclaimed wood and carved barn beams, private home.

We invite you to compare the prices of our unique, reclaimed, antique materials and services.

Scaffolding and crew hold the heavy barn beam in place for installation.