Benedict Antique Lumber & Stone -- We sell only QUALITY reclaimed barn frames, barn wood and assorted stone. RR 2 Box 208 AB, New Milford PA 18834, Phone: 570-465-7878
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Benedict Antique Lumber & Stone Crew In Action

Barn/Home Conversion

Benedict Antique Lumber & Stone crew converted a barn into a beautiful new home. We dismantled and reclaimed the original frame, transported the lumber, and built the new home.

CREW:  Front row, T. Towner, B. Page, J. Towner, Back Row J. Benedict, T.Colwell
Slab Foundation
Old Barn Wood Beam for First Bent of Timber Frame
Old Barn Wood Beam for Second Bent of Timber Frame
Scaffolding supports crew and old barn wood beam installation
General layout  of home
Conversion begins to take shape with more bents
Roof structure
Mortise cuts into beams for the tenons to be installed
Scaffolding support crew and old barn wood beam installation
Roof rafters and timber frame beams
Roof plywood
Three crewmembers support the 400 lb beam
cupola onto of roof
New Home