How To Use Barn Siding for Accent Walls and Accessories

How To Use Barn Siding for Accent Walls and Accessories
Very few materials are as versatile as barn wood. Due to its durability, character, and abundance, there’s no better way to spruce up your home. There are so many ways to use barn siding for accent walls and accessories that will upgrade your space.
You don’t have to settle for boring interior designs; using reclaimed barn wood is a surefire way to incorporate trendy styles into your layout. Use these ideas to liven up your home with some much-needed rustic charm.

Living Room Accent Wall

Antique barn wood will look incredible in your family’s shared space. If you’re looking for a fresh way to remodel your interior, consider building a reclaimed barn wood accent wall in your living room—this kind of project is perfect for homeowners wanting to take a traditional approach.
Mix and match species of lumber for a unique wall pattern. Or, install vertical planks to create an illusion that makes your ceilings look taller. You can also stain your barn wood accent wall for a simple and more unified appearance.

Bedroom Accent Wall

Your living room isn’t the only place that can host a gorgeous barn wood accent wall; these additions also look excellent in bedrooms and help to cultivate a cozy atmosphere. Amp up the ambience with materials that create a warm and relaxing environment.
Using barn siding as an accent wall can quickly dress up dull and empty bedrooms. Arrange your furniture so that your accent wall acts as a decorative support for your bed. You can also incorporate this material by creating built-in wall shelving to hold books, picture frames, and other bedroom trinkets.

Barn Siding Wainscotting

Some homeowners prefer a minimalist look to their interior. If this sounds like you, barn siding wainscotting could be a trendy yet subtle solution.
Antique lumber wainscotting only features barn wood siding on the lower half of the wall. This design method is perfect for people who don’t want to overwhelm their space or take on a large home improvement project. You can still customize your barn wood siding by mixing species and painting planks, creating a unique home feature.

Kitchen Backsplash

Don’t limit your use of barn siding to traditional areas of your home. You can use antique wood to create a unique backsplash that complements your rustic kitchen.
Reclaimed wood siding is exceptionally resilient. With the right maintenance routine, it can withstand water, heat, and other conditions that cooking brings about. If you can commit to caring for your kitchen backsplash, you won’t have to worry about peeling, warping, or other forms of damage.

Barn Wood Cabinetry

Backsplashes aren’t the only way to refresh your kitchen. Are your cabinets looking worse for wear? Upgrade outdated features by installing unique barn wood cabinetry.
You can use barn siding to create robust and eye-catching cabinets, drawers, countertops, and islands. Those wanting a more refined look can opt for a planed barn wood finish. From rustic browns and grays to painted and distressed designs, there are endless ways to personalize your kitchen with reclaimed wood.

Reclaimed Wood Vent Hood

Every kitchen needs an exciting statement piece. If you don’t want to commit to a fresh backsplash or new cabinetry, use your materials to create a vent hood out of reclaimed wood siding.
This kitchen feature will work well as an attractive focal point. Vent hoods made from repurposed wood siding aren’t only cool decorative accents; they also serve an essential purpose. Remodel your ventilation system with barn wood to spice up your modest kitchen.

Sliding Antique Wood Doors

If you’re looking for a practical way to incorporate barn siding into your home’s design, give sliding doors a try. Sliding antique wood doors are both functional and fabulous, adding a dynamic element to any room in your home.
Black hardware goes great with this kind of feature, and you can create a solid door or use screens or glass to allow natural light into your home. If you mount your sliding mechanism with sturdy bolts, it will be strong enough to support any door size.

Barn Wood Garage Doors

While you’re giving your interior doors new life, don’t forget about your exterior entry points. Increase your home’s curb appeal by updating your garage doors with barn siding.
Antique barn wood siding is the perfect material for your garage since it can withstand movement and the elements. Create a striking visual feature by incorporating planks in an “X” design. You can also add small windows at the tops of your garage doors for a more modern look.

Exterior Barn Siding

Why stop at your garage doors? You can use reclaimed wood siding to completely transform your home’s exterior. Barn wood works perfectly as an outdoor material and can expand your design options tremendously.
It’s no secret that antique wood is incredibly strong; prepping your repurposed wood with the proper treatments will help it stand firm against rain, sun, and snow. The more distressed your siding looks, the better—this means the siding is ideal for outdoor projects that will see a lot of weather action.

Rustic Antique Furniture

Barn wood siding isn’t exclusive to home renovations. You can also use it to make beautiful accessories to adorn your space. Use this material to build rustic, antique furniture that will withstand the test of time.
This is your chance to let your creativity shine—construct elegant tables with matching chairs, beautiful headboards, and a functional desk with repurposed barn wood siding. Wood furniture pairs well with modern, traditional, and rustic interior styles, so you can have versatile accents in any part of your home.

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Whether you’re building an accent wall or other home accessories, there are many incredible ways to use barn siding. However, you’ll need high-quality materials to complete your home improvement project. If you want home accents that will last, get your reclaimed wood from Benedict Antique Lumber.
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How To Use Barn Siding for Accent Walls and Accessories
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