Should I Use Reclaimed Box Beams or Solid Beams?

Should I Use Reclaimed Box Beams or Solid Beams?
Wooden beams are a staple in many rustic-style homes. These versatile accents look excellent in kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. However, you do have to decide between box beams and their solid counterparts.

Solid beams are exactly what the name implies—a full beam of wood. On the other hand, box beams are hollow and fit together like puzzle pieces. Read on to learn whether you should use reclaimed box beams or solid beams in your renovation.

What Is Your Preferred Style?

Depending on your desired aesthetic, one beam choice might be better than the other. For example, it’s easier to align seams and grains in solid beams than in hollow alternatives. However, you can order reclaimed wood box beams in customized lengths to combat this problem.

Box beams are perfect for that unique, hand-hewn appearance. Alternatively, those looking for a more refined addition might find solid beams more satisfying.

What Can Your Home Structure Support?

Your home’s existing structure will play a massive role in your decision. Solid beams are strong enough to act as support. Box beams, on the other hand, aren’t for adding integrity to your building because of their hollow nature.

However, box beams are excellent for decorative purposes. Since they’re lightweight, customizing them onsite is painless. Whether you’re framing an architectural feature or adding a rustic touch to your kitchen, box beams are great for purely aesthetic purposes.

Where Are You Installing Your Beams?

When deciding whether to use reclaimed box beams or solid beams, consider the installation site. Solid beams are sturdy and can withstand nearly any condition; their durability makes them great for exterior projects.

Box beams, while strong enough, might struggle outdoors in humid climates. Sealing them and keeping up with preventative maintenance will give them a better chance on your exterior. However, box beams really shine in interior projects, where you can preserve their natural beauty.

Get Your Reclaimed Wood Box Beams From Benedict Antique Lumber

Many homeowners use a mix of both solid and box-style beams for their home improvements. Benedict Antique Lumber can supply you with whatever type of beam you need. Call or visit our website to place your gorgeous antique lumber order today!
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