4 Unique Interior Design Ideas Using Reclaimed Wood

4 Unique Interior Design Ideas Using Reclaimed Wood
Choosing reclaimed wood for home additions opens up a world of creative possibilities. Most homeowners use this material to create ceiling beams, shelving, and accent walls. These add-ons are beautiful but don’t even scratch the surface of what you can do with antique lumber.
If you want to make your home stand out, you’ll need to start thinking outside the box. This is the perfect time to bring all of your most extravagant home improvement visions to life. Consider using reclaimed wood to create one of these unique interior design ideas in your space.

Frame an Existing Structure

Every room needs a focal point, but defining this feature can be tricky. Consider using antique hand-hewn beams to build a gorgeous frame around an existing structure.
Does your living room have a stunning fireplace? Framing this home accent with reclaimed wood will add a touch of rustic charm. Don’t stop there; turn this idea into a reoccurring motif that brings attention to your home’s unique features.

Create Built-In Benches

There’s nothing more picturesque than a quaint breakfast nook. You can transform any unused kitchen space into a relaxing spot for eating and unwinding. Take this one step further by creating built-in benches for maximum seating.
Build your benches underneath a large kitchen window. Adding cushions and pillows will decorate the space and amp up the coziness. Finish things off with a wooden table, and this unique interior design idea using reclaimed wood is complete!

Design a Hideaway Bar

Immaculate homes also have plenty of space for entertaining. You can design a discreet hideaway bar using barnwood as an accent. Fashion reclaimed barn doors to a sliding mechanism for a beverage station that comes as quickly as it goes.
You could stop there and use reclaimed wood as a door feature. However, why not use the material to create a more cohesive look? Install an antique lumber bar top—with the right sealants and maintenance, your home bar will be unlike anyone else's.

Craft a Reclaimed Wood Staircase

Spiraling staircases are the pinnacle of luxury. Put a spin on a classic home accent by using reclaimed wood instead! Mix metal hardware and lumber stair treads for a safe and trendy modern feature.
Mix species of lumber to create an irreplicable pattern. You could also commit to the theme by using antique wood in the railing. If that’s not enough, add ceiling beams above the area for a grand and welcoming entryway.
These are only some of the endless ways you can use reclaimed wood in your home. Benedict Antique Lumber can help you choose the right idea for your space. Contact us today to turn your design inspirations into reality.
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