Tips for Preparing Your Barnwood Siding for the Summer

Tips for Preparing Your Barnwood Siding for the Summer

During the summer months, your reclaimed barnwood siding is at risk of warping, growing mold, or simply turning gray from the wear and tear of the elements. All these issues arise because of the heat and humidity. Here are a few tips for preparing your barnwood siding for the summer so that it stays strong and healthy. Learn and implement them ahead of time so that you can circumvent various problems.

Do Basic Care and Cleaning

You should clean wood siding annually. Warmer weather provides an opportunity to give your siding a refreshed look in anticipation of summer conditions. To get the best clean, you’ll need warm, soapy water and a soft-bristled brush to get the best clean. Additionally, go from the bottom to the top when washing to prevent annoying drip marks. Once you’ve cleaned your entire siding, you can address stains you come across.

You can eliminate any mildew you find with a fungus-killing cleaner and a good rinsing afterward. When applying the cleaner, ensure you’re wearing eye protection and shield any surrounding plants from the cleaner’s effects.

Rust stains are also common when you have nails or screws without galvanization. These have no protection from the elements and thus oxidize when they come into contact with moisture. This rusting process leaves streaks that stain the wood. You’ll want a solution of oxalic acid dissolved in warm water to remove such stains. Remember to wear eye protection and protective gloves when applying the solution.

Find the Right Sealer

Ensuring you seal the siding properly is one of the best tips for preparing your barnwood siding for the summer. The sealer is crucial because the wood expands and contracts as humidity levels and temperatures change. If left unprotected, the wood’s movement places stress on the caulked seams around the windows and doors. If these caulk seams fail, moisture can seep in between the cracks and rot the siding. Because you typically don’t paint barnwood siding, clear sealers may be the ideal choice. However, remember that you’ll need to replace them every two years.

Perform Damage Prevention

As you think about water infiltration and how it’s a major threat to your siding, you must know that diligence is critical for preventing issues. If you ever notice the caulk is damaged or missing, you should reapply more. Do this on a day when the weather is dry and mild (around 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit). You should also ensure no shrubbery, trees, or any other kinds of plants touch the siding. The reason for this is that foliage conducts moisture. Finally, when you mow the lawn throughout the summer, be cautious. You don’t want to send sticks, stones, and other debris flying at the siding. Such projectiles are more common than you’d think.
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