5 Myths About Reclaimed Barn Wood Debunked

5 Myths About Reclaimed Barn Wood Debunked
Reclaimed barn wood offers abundant benefits, from unique appearances to sustainability. However, many misconceptions deter people from enjoying all that antique wood offers. Let’s debunk five myths about reclaimed barn wood and discover the true qualities of this multifaceted material.

Reclaimed Barn Wood Is Old and Weak

Because reclaimed barn wood is old-growth, many people assume it is weak. However, it’s quite the opposite! Old-growth timber is denser and more robust than younger construction wood. You can repurpose barn wood many times, and it can last many years, taking on new forms.

It’s High Maintenance

Another popular myth is that reclaimed barn wood requires tedious care. Although this type of lumber contains many imperfections, from cracks to scratches, they do not change the care process. In fact, reclaimed barn wood’s imperfections are positive attributes, not faults.
Reclaimed wood maintenance is the same as taking care of any wooden material. You can use sealants, apply finishes, and perform regular dusting to protect the wood from wear and tear. Most reclaimed wood is refurbished before being repurposed, giving you even fewer maintenance tasks to worry about.

Reclaimed Barn Wood Is Only Decorative

Reclaimed barn wood’s impurities give it character and unique beauty. However, repurposed lumber isn’t just decorative. It has many functions due to its high durability. You can use reclaimed barn wood for flooring, support beams, or siding. Repurposed barn wood is both pretty and functional. At Benedict Antique Lumber and Stone, we sell reclaimed wood as hand-hewn boards that serve decorative purposes and provide structural support.

It’s Moldy and Infested With Bugs

The terms “old” and “used” tend to instigate an image of something worn, ragged, and rotten. Many people assume that reclaimed wood is moldy and infested with pests. However, all lumber risks harboring pests and getting mold, not just old wood. You can acquire top-quality repurposed wood from a reputable seller.

Reclaimed Barn Wood Is Only Suits a Rustic Aesthetic

Reclaimed barn wood is a prominent feature of rustic designs due to its charm. However, repurposed wood works for many styles, including the following:
  • Industrial
  • Cottage and shabby-chic
  • French country
  • Nautical and maritime
  • Bohemian
  • Coastal and beachy
  • Eclectic
  • Mid-century modern
  • Retro and vintage
  • Scandinavian
Now that we’ve debunked these five myths about reclaimed barn wood, are you ready to reap its many benefits? Enjoy all there is to love about repurposed barn wood with Benedict Antique Lumber and Stone. Get your reclaimed barn wood today!
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