Ways To Use Reclaimed Wood for Rustic Tabletops

Ways To Use Reclaimed Wood for Rustic Tabletops
One of the best things about reclaimed wood is its adaptability—the creative possibilities are virtually endless with this versatile material. From accent walls to furniture, barnwood can accomplish all of your design goals.

Antique lumber is also durable, making it the perfect material for tables. With the right maintenance, you can use reclaimed wood for rustic tabletops that will stand the test of time. Expand your decorative horizons and consider incorporating one of these ideas into your design.

Farmhouse Kitchen Table

There’s nothing more charming than a beautiful farmhouse-style table; these pieces of furniture are ideal for kitchens since they immediately brighten any space. You can use reclaimed wood exterior siding to craft the perfect rustic table for casual dining.

Small, round tabletops work well as dinettes and fit perfectly into petite spaces; choose a few matching chairs to comfortably seat a family of four. If you need more seating, build a long, sturdy table and matching benches to suit a larger kitchen.

Pastoral Dining Room Table

Rustic tabletops aren’t just for casual spaces. You can also incorporate this material into more formal areas by creating a pastoral dining room table. For a traditional-rustic twist, use dark lumber to create an aesthetically pleasing tabletop.

You could also play around with mixed lumber to design a one-of-a-kind dining room tabletop. Using various species of wood adds dimension and creates a dynamic visual effect. Don’t forget to use protective measures like placemats and table runners to protect your tabletop from heat damage.

Modern-Rustic Commercial Tables

Beautiful antique wood isn’t just for your home’s interior. You can also use reclaimed wood for rustic tabletops in a commercial setting. Restaurants and offices with conference rooms also need robust materials to build eye-catching tables.

The wonderful thing about rugged tabletops is that you can mix them with other styles. Add modern elements, like a shiny varnish and steel trim, to give your rustic tables a modern edge. This design idea works well in professional settings that already have elements like exposed barnwood beams and country-style décor.

Benedict Antique Lumber can create custom tabletops for any kind of space—check out our gallery for design inspiration. Contact us today to work with a premier reclaimed wood supplier and watch your vision become a reality.
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