A Quick Overview of Coffered Ceiling Beams

A Quick Overview of Coffered Ceiling Beams
Are you looking for an interesting way to make your home’s interior pop? If so, consider installing coffered ceilings. These architectural features liven up any space and give your home a unique visual edge.
With timber box beams and some professional help, you can create a gorgeous focal point in your home. Learn how beneficial this decorative element can be with this quick overview of coffered ceiling beams.

What Is a Coffered Ceiling?

If you’re unfamiliar with architectural lingo, you might not know what a coffered ceiling is. Coffer means indentation, which describes this kind of design’s visual effect.
Contractors use beams to create concave “dents” in your ceiling. These recessed spaces are reminiscent of traditional, baroque-style homes, but many choose to modernize with specific materials, colors, and shapes. You can arrange your hand-hewn beams in any pattern you like to customize your coffered ceiling.

The Benefits of Coffered Ceiling Beams

Why would someone want to install coffered ceiling beams? The answer is simple: coffered ceilings offer several advantages to homeowners. Whether decorative or financial, the benefits of coffered ceiling beams are too good to pass up.

Create Height

Coffered beams are excellent in homes with high ceilings. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use this architectural concept if yours are lower. In fact, coffered ceilings create visual height, making your space appear larger.
Tall ceilings bring a sense of luxury. If you want your home to feel like a grand hall or timeless museum, install coffered ceiling beams in your foyer, dining room, or living space.

Absorb Sounds

Some home additions mess with acoustics; these structures reflect noise, contributing to a loud and chaotic environment. However, coffered ceilings absorb excess sound and encourage a quiet, tranquil space.
You don’t have to worry about distracting echoes and booming noises disrupting your peace. With coffered ceiling beams, you can add a unique design element that also increases your comfort.

Raise Value

The best renovations are the ones that add value, and coffered ceilings do just that. By adding an intricate structure that benefits your space, you are increasing your home’s appeal.
Resale value is incredibly important, especially in today’s market. Anything you do should raise your home’s price tag. Consider coffered ceilings as an investment that will benefit you and any future resident.
Did this overview of coffered ceiling beams convince you? If so, contact Benedict Antique Lumber. We can’t wait to supply you with antique wood box beams to create a luxurious ceiling design.
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