5 Ways To Use Barn Wood for Your Restaurant

Whether you are building a new restaurant or renovating an existing one, a couple of barn wood elements in your restaurant’s design can make a huge difference. Barn wood offers many aesthetic and practical benefits, making it a great addition to your space. Discover different ways to use barn wood for your restaurant and reap this versatile wood’s many rewards.
Decorate and fortify your restaurant’s ceiling with barn wood beams. Barn wood’s most notable features are its durability and characteristic appearance. Barn wood beams can support your ceiling’s structure and enhance it with a charming rustic aesthetic.

Storage Shelving

Upgrade your restaurant’s organization and add to its aesthetic atmosphere with barn wood shelving. If you strive to make your restaurant an inviting and cozy dining space, barn wood will help you achieve the ideal appearance.
Compared to other wood sources, barn wood highlights the natural beauty of wood through the years. The wood’s markings, knots, and grains add to a down-to-earth and homey aesthetic. Barn wood shelving provides a decorative accent that enhances your space’s ambiance and offers functional storage solutions.

Table and Seating

A dine-in restaurant needs a place where guests can sit and eat. You can use barn wood to craft dining and seating options for your restaurant. Using barn wood gives your table and chairs a unique design look that your guests won’t be able to find anywhere else, enhancing your restaurant’s dining experience and appeal.
Barn wood’s characteristic details and textures differ per plank. Unlike manufactured wood, barn wood is hard to replicate. Using barn wood for your tables and chairs gives your restaurant one-of-a-kind furnishings.

Dining Room Flooring

Restaurants see and encounter lots of people daily. Guests are always coming and going. With so much traffic, restaurants need durable floors to withstand the wear and tear of guests dining in and heading out.
As reclaimed, old-growth wood, barn wood is highly durable. Barn wood has and will live multiple lives. Using barn wood floors gives your restaurant sturdy, long-lasting flooring that can withstand the high traffic of diners coming and going from your establishment. Plus, wooden floors make your interiors cozy and warm.

Wall Siding

Wall siding is a multifunctional design mechanism that insulates, protects, and decorates your wall. Using reclaimed barn wood siding maximizes the purpose and benefits of siding.
Barn wood’s durability makes it a better protective barrier for your building. As a derivative of old-growth trees, barn wood is thicker, making it an effective insulator. Barn wood’s markings, grains, and textures add appeal and charm to any surface. Barn wood siding is a great addition to your restaurant’s design, enhancing your wall’s appearance and functionality.
You can use barn wood for your restaurant in many ways. No matter how you implement this versatile and aesthetic wood, implementing barn wood anywhere and anyhow enhances multiple different aspects of your space. At Benedict Antique Lumber & Stone, we offer barn wood in all its many forms, from plain planks to siding. Shop for barn wood today with Benedict Antique Lumber & Stone and implement one of the best material sources into your restaurant’s design.
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