9 Unique Ways To Use Antique Wood in Your Home

Tips for Incorporating Antique Wood Into Modern Designs

Reclaimed wood is an incredibly unique and interesting material. Recycled from old barns that have stood the test of time and endured the constant wear and tear of their environment, reclaimed wood offers a unique rustic style that can’t be found or replicated by other means. To say it’s like a fine wine wouldn’t be inaccurate, and reclaimed wood is finally seeing the surge in popularity that it deserves. Here are nine unique ways to use antique wood in your home if you’re interested in getting in on this trend.

Large-Scale Projects

Some of the larger projects you can do with reclaimed wood include renovating the floors, ceiling, or siding of your home with antique lumber. Reclaimed wood fits well in each of these places, giving you a bit of flexibility in your designs while still keeping that rustic aesthetic. The great thing about reclaimed wood is that it not only looks beautiful but it is also incredibly durable and strong. If you want something that’s a bit more subtle, hand-hewn box beams work as a wonderful accent on the ceiling and add a touch of personal craftsmanship to the home.

When you’re picking out wood, we strongly recommend you look for wood with knots and clear signs of weathering. These aren’t considered defects once the wood has been reclaimed and refurbished; instead, they become a feature that only adds to the unique look reclaimed wood has to offer.

Antique Headboards

If you’d rather not replace an entire wall, floor, or ceiling with reclaimed wood, a good alternative option would be to use the reclaimed wood as an accent wall that serves as your bed’s headboard. Choose boards that are roughly equal in length and width to each other, place a frame around the boards, and add a little bit of varnish or sealant to give the headboard a nice, finished look. When used sparingly as an accent wall, it can actually pop and add a lot more depth to a room than simply transforming the entire wall with reclaimed wood.

Rustic Bookshelves

In terms of furniture, a good, basic consideration is to use planks of reclaimed wood to build a bookshelf. Because part of the rustic charm of reclaimed wood is its imperfections and aged appearance, your construction of the bookshelf doesn’t need to be perfect. In fact, little mistakes or oddities will simply add to the appeal and character of the wood. This makes it a great DIY project for those of you who are handy and inclined to craft, as it’s a very stress-free learning scenario.

Wood-Crate Shelving

If you want something a bit more interesting than a bookshelf, wood-crate shelving serves as a mix of vintage and modern design. It’s considered vintage in that you’re using reclaimed wood as the material of choice and modern in that the boxy design aligns with many modern interpretations of architecture. The best part is that each box can be re-arranged so you can change the look whenever you feel. Turn an effective storage system into a work of art!

Garden Boxes

Got a green thumb? Reclaimed wood complements gardens when transformed into a raised gardening box. Making these small plots within the boxes allows you to take your gardening indoors or outdoors as you see fit. These garden boxes are very easy to put together, and you won’t have to worry about the reclaimed wood becoming rotten from the soil or water. To get the best drainage, it is recommended that you cut a 2x4 plank to fit under the boxes. This will keep them nice and raised off the ground.

Retro Dressing Room

Grabbing inspiration from old Hollywood and West End theaters, incorporating reclaimed wood into a dressing room is a great and unique way to use antique wood in your home. Whether you place the wood into the walls or install furniture made of reclaimed wood, you’ll achieve that nostalgic retro design you crave. A good way to go further is to complement the reclaimed wood by adding a mirror surrounded by lights—it’ll feel almost as if you were in an older backstage dressing room. When designing your retro dressing room, we suggest finding a matching vintage bedroom set to create a more uniform appearance. For a quirky and eye-catching look, you can instead mix and match vintage furniture to appear as though your dressing room has gone through multiple stages of history.

Vintage Doors

Reclaimed wood doors can achieve the same feel and look of an accent wall in your home. This can be something as simple as your typical door made of reclaimed wood, or you can go for something truly unique and use a reclaimed barn door. While these massive sliding doors may seem intimidating at first, they can be built into your home as a sliding partition door that can either open up a room or slide closed to provide a cozier, more private environment.

Kitchen Renovations

When you think of rustic designs, you may imagine the Southern countryside and all that’s associated with it—namely, Southern hospitality! The kitchen is one of the most optimal places to use reclaimed wood as countertops or dining room furniture. This will make your kitchen more than practical; it’ll become welcoming as a place for friends and family to socialize and enjoy good food together.

Fun Signs and Accessories

Reclaimed wood doesn’t have to be used only for large projects and total home renovations. If you’re just looking for fun additions and knick-knacks that build up a cozy and fun atmosphere, then reclaimed wood signs may be the way to go. These pieces of décor add a lot of character to the home and can be customized to express your personality and values. Fun slogans, inspirational quotes, and more allow you to have complete control over the atmosphere, whether you’re building the signs yourself or ordering one to be custom-made. If signs aren’t your thing, consider reclaimed wood picture frames or carvings. They are just as effective at conveying a vintage, countryside feel without too much effort or cost to you.

9 Unique Ways To Use Antique Wood in Your Home
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