How To Create Rustic Bedroom Shelving With Hand-Hewn Beams

How To Create Rustic Bedroom Shelving With Hand-Hewn Beams
If you want to have an interesting focal point, hand-hewn beams are perfect. These home additions create striking visual interest while being multifunctional. You can do so much with them, including constructing beautiful shelves.

Creating rustic bedroom shelving with hand-hewn beams is easy. With the right materials, designs, and accessories, you can build a shelving system that looks both rugged and refined. Learn how to incorporate hand-hewn beam shelves into your bedroom for style and functionality.

Horizontal Floating Shelf

The best way to use hand-hewn barn beams in your bedroom is by creating floating shelves. Usually, homeowners mount these to their walls horizontally. This kind of orientation gives you plenty of space to make a makeshift mantle.

Install a horizontal floating shelf above your bed for a rustic accent piece. You can decorate it with candles, plants, photos, and other important bedroom trinkets. Don’t limit yourself to one location; you can mount floating shelves all around your room to give yourself more storage and décor space.

Vertical Floating Shelf

If you don’t like the look of a horizontal shelf, you can always turn it 90 degrees. Vertical floating shelves create an illusion of taller ceilings, making your bedroom look larger. They also take up less wall space, so you have room for all of your hangable décor.

Vertical floating shelves work more like cubbies. They look excellent in wall corners and house your small knickknacks beautifully. You can also customize them to be as long or short as you want so that you can have the floor-length shelf of your dreams.

Multilevel Wall Shelving

Another way to create rustic bedroom shelving with hand-hewn beams is by designing a multilevel shelving system. This idea combines both horizontal and vertical beams for the ultimate shelf.

Using hand-hewn beams to build a multilevel shelving system is perfect if you’ve always wanted a large, built-in bookcase. Give your bedroom a rustic edge by choosing reclaimed wood with imperfect charm. You can also use multilevel shelves to design a focal point with tons of intricate details and décor.

There’s no shortage of ideas to transform your bedroom into a rustic paradise. Contact Benedict Antique Lumber for high-quality antique wood for the job. Our experts will help select the right materials to make your design dreams a reality.
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