Tips for Incorporating Antique Wood Into Modern Designs

Tips for Incorporating Antique Wood Into Modern Designs

When figuring out how to design the décor of our homes, we typically want something that expresses our personality and preferences. At the same time, we want to maintain a timeless aesthetic that will remain stylish for years to come. One way to do that is to mix antique designs with modern ones, though this can be very tricky. Here are some tips for incorporating antique wood into modern designs.

Find a Balance

The key to mixing these two eras of style is to strike a comfortable balance between them. In this context, “balance” refers to the style, color, shape, and texture of your décor and doesn’t necessarily mean that a room needs to be half modern and half vintage. In fact, the 80/20 rule often applies best. Using it, you primarily decorate with a modern design and add antique accents to make the room pop. In this regard, reclaimed wood box beams make for fantastic and rustic accents that can double to hide away plumbing and electrical components that run through the house. On the other hand, industrial accessories or elements often complement a more traditional and vintage room the best as accents.

Know That Opposites Attract

Another good tip for incorporating antique designs into modern designs is keeping in mind the adage of “opposites attract.” When properly balanced, the contrast between the two eras can be incredibly striking. Antique wood makes for beautiful and durable furniture, so little touches like antique bedside tables with modern lamps can do wonders for blending the two styles. Another example includes having a comfortable modern chair paired with a desk made of unique-looking reclaimed wood.

Consider Consistency and Repetition

If you want to maintain an effective design throughout your home, consistency and repetition are key. You should ensure each room follows the same mixed vintage and modern aesthetic as the original room to create consistency. As for repetition, the two different styles don’t necessarily have to match up exactly, but you should align and repeat the design elements you use to maintain consistency. For example, you can stick to a steady color scheme or use the same materials in different furniture.
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