Reasons To Install Antique Barnwood Siding on Your Home

Common Species Found in Reclaimed Barnwood

Taken from old barns and refurbished by experts, antique wood siding has become a popular addition to any home. Not only does it create a beautiful, rustic feel for your home, but it’s somewhat of an exclusive item. This is because the beauty and durability of reclaimed wood are only achievable through the passing of time and the expert craftsmanship of those reclaiming barnwood. If you don’t feel convinced that such old wood can benefit your home, read on. Here are some more reasons to install antique barnwood siding on your home.

Unique Aesthetics

As we mentioned, antique wood siding is a unique and highly-coveted material because it’s rather exclusive. It’s only as plentiful as the old barns from which professionals can reclaim it. Like a fine wine, there’s no way to replicate reclaimed barnwood other than through the natural weathering of time. When it comes to picking out reclaimed barnwood materials, the more aged the wood’s appearance is, the better. These former imperfections turn into a feature of the wood that makes it stand out among other wooden materials. If you want your home to look more rustic, there’s simply nothing better than antique barnwood.

Superior Durability

Another reason to install antique barnwood siding on your home is that it’s incredibly strong. Many people often think that reclaimed barnwood is brittle due to its age. However, barnwood originally came from what is known as “virgin forests.” Virgin forests are those that loggers have not touched and have thus had a lengthier amount of time to mature and grow stronger. Since the United States is a relatively young country, many of its old barns are made from this virgin lumber. In comparison, people often harvest replanted trees as soon as they reach maturity. As a result, they don’t get the time to become as durable as reclaimed wood.

Environmentally Friendly

Naturally, reclaiming the wood from abandoned barns to use for modern purposes is an example of recycling. Antique wood is an environmentally friendly choice because it doesn’t require destroying a forest and puts abandoned wood to use rather than letting it rot or end up thrown out. As a result, this is the best way to remove abandoned buildings like barns and similar warehouses while also adding a positive addition to a home. Reclaimed barnwood is visually appealing and adds value to your home.
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