3 Interesting Facts About Burnished Wood

3 Interesting Facts About Burnished Wood

Burnishing is a finishing process professionals use on all sorts of wood. Most notably, reclaimed lumber suppliers use it to repurpose and refurbish old and warped wooden boards into new and stylish pieces with a powerful rustic aesthetic. The primary focus of this procedure is to avoid adding compounds to the wood, and instead, to smooth it by rubbing another piece of wood against the surface so that the friction burns away delicate dry cell walls. Here are three interesting facts about burnished wood that show the benefits of burnished wood.

Burnishing Doesn’t Use Lacquer

As we mentioned, burnishing foregoes added compounds on the wood, meaning that no lacquer or coatings go into creating the final product. The burnishing process relies entirely on friction to burn off the fragile and dry cell walls and reveal the sturdy cells underneath. These hard cells are responsible for the pleasant shine and smoothness of the burnished wood. This process isn’t only suitable for floorboards and siding. It’s also a popular technique to finish furniture of any shape or size to get an ideal texture, feel, and appearance.

There Are Several Advantages of Burnishing

Another interesting fact about burnished wood further pertains to the smoothness the burnishing process can achieve. Burnishing isn’t simply a substitute for substances like lacquer; it’s capable of eliminating bumps and peaks that would otherwise cause the wood to appear unsightly. A lacquer coating would merely try to hide or smooth these imperfections out rather than actually fixing the issue. Another benefit of burnished wood is that it resists stains and blemishes, unlike many other finishes. Furthermore, the process is a straightforward project since it doesn’t require lots of machinery or tools. The technique is relatively simple compared to alternatives for finishing wood.

Burnishing Cream Can Help Wood

Burnishing cream is another handy item that helps polish wooden surfaces in a convenient manner that isn’t so time consuming. This cream works as a fantastic polish for wooden surfaces with lacquer, varnish, and other finishes. It ensures they remain spotless and helps them recover their luster when age and wear make the wooden boards look dull and worn out. Burnishing cream is often the ideal way to remove any scratches that may occur as well.
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