Tips for Cleaning Your Hardwood Flooring

Tips for Cleaning Your Hardwood Flooring

Wood floors are a staple in many homes across the country. Loved for its beauty, this flooring option requires a certain level of maintenance to remain in good condition. Since wood floors are an investment, homeowners need to know the best practices to handle them. Here are some tips for cleaning your hardwood flooring that will restore your floors to their former glory.

Sweep or Vacuum Everyday

While you might not see much of a mess, it’s best to sweep or vacuum daily to remove any dirt and debris. Small particles can scratch the surface of your hardwood floor, leaving it looking dull and lifeless. Make sure you’re sweeping with a soft-bristled broom and using your vacuum on its hardwood setting to avoid damaging this material.

Use Your Mop Often

Moping your wood floors can get tricky since they’re sensitive to certain chemicals and products. You should mop your floors at least once a week, but make sure you’re using the right tools. Use flat top mops with a special hardwood floor solution to remove any grime that has set in throughout the week. If you don’t have access to these products, a damp microfiber mop will work as long as you don’t saturate it with water.

Clean Spills ASAP

Hardwood floors are prone to staining, just like carpeting and other forms of flooring. As such, it’s essential to clean spills as soon as they happen, rather than leaving them to set in. Removing residue is easy as long as it’s fresh, so don’t give it time to stain your floor. Use a damp cloth or a spritz of hardwood cleaner to gently scrub the area until it’s fresh and clean.

Use Restorative Products

The tips for cleaning your hardwood flooring include more than washing and sanitization techniques. If you want to keep your antique barnwood flooring looking new, use restorative products to maintain its appearance. Applying wood wax gives new life to your floors, and using liquid scratch concealers will hide any unsightly blemishes. You should also use wood floor polish to protect your floors from damage and give them a beautiful shine.

Taking proper precautions when cleaning your hardwood floors will extend their life and revitalize their look. Keep your home looking fresh and clean with these tried-and-true tips.
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