A Quick Guide to Box Beams & Their Benefits

Aside from enhancing spaces, architectural and interior design offers lots to love. Whether you are adding paneling, painting a statement wall, or installing new flooring, any detail can transform the function and atmosphere of a space. One design concept that really reshapes architecture and interior spaces is box beams—rectangular, hollow box-like beams. Check out this quick guide to discover the benefits of these design elements.

Functional Versatility

Box beams offer great versatility, making them terrific for various interior and architectural needs. You can use box beams in your spaces in many ways. Some of the most common uses include the following:
  • Structural reinforcements
  • Design décor and accents
  • Electrical and pipe covers

Visual Appeal

Box beams allow you to implement wood into a room’s design, providing you with a beautiful and natural attraction. Whether you install the beams on the walls or ceiling, they add a rustic touch to your interior aesthetic. Reclaimed wood box beams add visual appeal to your space and exude character and charm, further enhancing agrestic and nature-inspired aesthetics.

Design Customizability

Box beams give you multiple customization options. You can carve, stain, and shape the beams in many ways. Box beams are easy to customize to suit your interior design desires. Because they are functional design accents, you can install and incorporate them easily into any space, such as ceilings.

Structural Durability

Although hollow, box beams are very durable, especially ones made from reclaimed old wood lumber. They are great resources for enhancing structures. Their box shape creates a secure platform for balancing, distributing, and taking on a structure’s weight. The durable and strong material also resists wear and tear, providing you with a design feature that’s long-lasting.
If you’re looking for the perfect design solution for your space, consider box beams and their benefits. This quick guide should confirm that box beams meet your architectural and interior design needs. Order reclaimed wood box beams today with Benedict Lumber and Stone to include this iconic design element in your spaces.
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