Tips for Building Your Own Table With Reclaimed Wood

Tips for Building Your Own Table With Reclaimed Wood
Are you looking for a new statement piece for your home or project? Reclaimed wood tables are decorative furniture that exude charm, durability, and rustic aesthetics—great features for enhancing your space’s interior. Old-growth, reclaimed wood offers many benefits that leave you with a quality, one-of-a-kind table. Check out three tips for building your own table with reclaimed wood, and enjoy all that a DIY table offers.

Sketch Out a Template

Before bringing your table to life, make a template that outlines your table’s measurements. A design helps you plan out your table’s measurements and lays out all the pieces you’ll need.
Reclaimed lumber is harder to come by than manufactured wood. Knowing how much material your design requires—including materials for wiggle room and accidents—can reduce the risks of running out of materials mid-project. Preserve your reclaimed wood by starting your project with a template.

Pro Tip

If you’re looking for antique barn wood for a reclaimed wood project, Benedict Antique Lumber and Stone is your go-to resource. We are a reclaimed wood supplier that sources, refurbishes, and sells old-growth lumber.

Create a Skeleton

Instead of nailing the table legs directly to the tabletop, create a skeleton. Build a simple base consisting of four strips of lumber to hold up the tabletop. Attach the legs at the conjunctions between each strip.
A frame adds more stability and support to your table design, making it more durable and longer lasting. Old-growth wood is dense and heavy and provides a solid base for a high-quality table.

Toe Nailing the Boards Together

You can join wood pieces in two ways: using wood glue or nails. Although both get the job done, nailing offers more benefits. It guarantees more durability over a long period. Nails provide a more reliable attachment solution that supports your table.
Toe nailing strengthens joints and guarantees a secure structure. This process involves inserting nails at a 45-degree angle, penetrating both wood pieces. Toe nailing also makes attaching joints and center planks easy, streamlining the project.

Pro Tip

Cross the toe nails for more durability. Hammer them at an angle on either side of the wood.
A table made from reclaimed wood offers many benefits, including charm and functionality, to your space. Keep these tips in mind when building your own table with reclaimed wood, and upgrade your space with a durable and unique statement piece!
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