Advice for Cleaning and Protecting Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Advice for Cleaning and Protecting Reclaimed Wood Furniture
Nothing tells a story quite like antique wood furniture. The lumber carries so much charm and personality while adding a rustic touch to any space. Using reclaimed antique lumber to make tables, chairs, and other pieces will upgrade any project instantly.
However, this material requires special maintenance to keep it in good condition. If you need advice for cleaning and protecting reclaimed wood furniture, keep reading to learn more.

Use Gentle Tools and Products

Lumber isn’t like other materials. You can’t use harsh chemicals and household cleaning supplies to keep lumber neat and tidy. To avoid damaging your important pieces, only clean your reclaimed wood furniture with gentle tools and products.
Wipe away sticky stains and blemishes with a clean, damp cloth. If you need to remove a set-in stain, use a soft-bristled brush to scrub gently. Make sure to eliminate any lingering moisture as soon as you’ve finished to prevent catastrophic water damage.

Keep Away From the Elements

Maintaining your antique wood furniture means more than keeping things clean. You also need to take preventative measures to extend its life. Keep your furniture away from the elements to prevent warping and fading.
Arrange your living space so that wood furniture isn’t in direct sunlight. Use placemats to protect table tops from hot plates. As always, never let spills sit for an extended period of time unless you want to deal with brittle wood and mold.

Apply Protective and Restorative Products

Over time, antique wood can lose its illustrious shine. Don’t let your furniture get dull and dingy; apply restorative and protective products to breathe life back into your essential pieces.
Sometimes, even the most well-cared-for lumber can appear lifeless. Using oils and waxes will restore antique wood to its former glory. These products also form a protective barrier, defending against scuffs and scratches. Invest in high-quality wood products to extend the life of your antique furniture.
Benedict Antique Lumber is the best place to get advice for cleaning and protecting reclaimed wood furniture. If you need high-quality lumber for your next project, reach out today! We can’t wait to supply you with healthy antique wood for any and all of your needs.
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