What You Should Know About Using Reclaimed Wood Outside

What You Should Know About Using Reclaimed Wood Outside
Reclaimed lumber is an excellent home improvement material because it’s incredibly versatile. In addition to interior accents like wood beams and cabinets, you can also use antique barn wood for various outdoor home projects. However, it’s important to be aware of certain facts that will extend the life of your outdoor renovations. If you’re wondering what you should know about using reclaimed wood outside, read on to learn more.

Strong Enough to Use Outdoors

Many homeowners find it surprising that antique lumber is compatible with outdoor projects. The truth is that reclaimed lumber is durable enough to withstand conditions other materials could not. Since antique barn wood comes from old, mature trees, its internal integrity is strong. This material sustains less damage over time with proper maintenance, making it an excellent asset to your renovations.

Can Sustain Elemental Damage

While repurposed wood is strong enough to use outdoors, it’s still vulnerable to certain elements. Water exposure can warp your lumber and may even lead to rotting down the line. However, these risks shouldn’t stop you from incorporating reclaimed wood into your home’s exterior. With the right supplies and knowledge, you can prep your wood and protect it from the elements before it becomes a devastating problem.

Requires Regular Maintenance

Something you should know about using reclaimed wood outside is that your structures will require a certain level of maintenance. Weatherproofing your exterior additions will protect the wood from Mother Nature and increase its longevity. You can do this with various oils and waxes that create a barrier between the wood and the elements. It’s also wise to do restorative maintenance on your exterior antique lumber every so often to fix any damage and bring it back to its former glory.

Many Possible Project Ideas

Versatility is the best thing about using repurposed barn wood for your outdoor home improvement projects. One popular renovation is installing reclaimed wood exterior siding to enhance your home’s aesthetic. Since this material is so flexible, you can use it for a variety of outside additions, such as:

  • Backyard patios
  • Outdoor kitchen cabinets
  • Garden gates and fences

No matter how you decide to use your reclaimed lumber, make sure to hire reputable suppliers and contractors to complete your projects the right way. Contact Benedict Antique Lumber to handle all of your exterior home accent needs.
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