Wood Colors: A Guide to Choosing Your Reclaimed Floor Color

Wood Colors: A Guide to Choosing Your Reclaimed Floor Color
Choosing your reclaimed floor color might not seem like a big deal. After all, how much of a difference could flooring make? The truth is that your floors contribute to any room’s overall style and atmosphere.

Picking the wrong floor color could be the difference between a well-balanced and hectic space. Luckily, Benedict Antique Lumber has a guide to choosing your reclaimed floor color to point you in the right direction. Explore your options to design your perfectly-curated antique wood floors.

What To Consider When Choosing Your Reclaimed Floor Color

Before selecting your materials, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Depending on your design preferences, floorplan, and lifestyle, some colors might be better than others. Consider these points when choosing your reclaimed floor color to meet your unique needs.

Consider Your Material

First, you’ll need to consider your material. Reclaimed wood comes with tons of charm and personality. Painting and staining your antique wood floors could eliminate all of the unique qualities this material has to offer.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t personalize your wood floors. Reclaimed wood is versatile, so your options are endless. Still, preserving your antique lumber’s imperfections is what makes the material so alluring; it might be worth sticking to its natural color instead.

Consider the Size of Your Space

Color is an excellent tool for creating visual illusions. Choosing the right one will make your space feel brighter and more spacious. Selecting the wrong one will turn any room into a dark, cramped cave.

Consider your space when choosing your floor shade. Small rooms will look even smaller with dark flooring. However, light-colored floors will make your area appear larger. If you’re installing new floors in a tiny space, choosing a light color wood will open things up.

Consider the Room Style

Every design element contributes to your overall room style. If you’re decorating with a certain aesthetic, everything needs to coincide. Unless you’re into eclectic maximalism, a mismatched floor will immediately remove any semblance of balance.

Dark floors work well in formal, sophisticated spaces. They also create ambiance. Install a dark-colored reclaimed floor anywhere you want to amp up the cozy factor.

Lighter floors work well in modern-style homes. You could also design a cute, farmhouse-inspired space by mixing light reclaimed wood with rustic decorative features. Whatever you choose, make sure your floor color works with your style, not against it.

Consider Existing Features

Every design aspect in your home should work together. Knowing your desired aesthetic will help you make good decorative choices. However, you should also keep your existing features in mind to ensure that everything blends well.

For inspiration, look at your cabinets, wall trims, architectural structures, and other features. Do you want everything to match perfectly, or are you trying to create contrast? If your elements are all dark, choosing a light-colored floor will add a nice touch of harmony.

Consider Maintenance Requirements

Reclaimed wood floors require a little bit of maintenance. Applying protective sealants and waxes every few years will reduce normal wear and tear. However, you might have additional tasks depending on your floor color.

Dark lumber species hide dirt and damage better than lighter ones. Spaces with a lot of foot traffic will accumulate more debris than others. Lighter floors may require a little more effort to keep clean and damage-free. If you have children, pets, and guests running in and out of your house, dark floor colors may be the way to go.

Consider Your Home’s Value

Every home improvement you make will impact your home’s value. While you might not care about this now, you will when it comes time to move. Reclaimed wood flooring can raise your home’s worth and help you make a profit!

All of the previous points contribute to your floor’s impact on home value. Dark floors in small spaces, damaged light-colored materials, and mismatched home features will turn potential buyers away. Be strategic about your flooring shades; even if you aren’t looking to sell yet, your future self will thank you for the forethought.

Design Ideas for Different Reclaimed Floor Colors

These tips should make choosing a reclaimed floor color easier. But, how do you put all of this information into practice? Think about using some of these floor color ideas when designing your home layout.

Create Contrast in a Rustic Kitchen

Is your kitchen in need of an upgrade? If so, install antique wood floors to transform your space. With the right floor color, you can create an interesting contrast that immediately livens things up.
Dark cabinetry will stand out against a light color palate. Our antique hemlock and pine breathe new life into the heart of your home. These lumber species’ will also add a charming, rustic touch to an otherwise bland space.

Brighten Up a Modern Living Room

Reclaimed wood isn’t only for rustic rooms. With the right furniture, decorations, and lighting, you can create a trendy, modern living room using antique wood flooring.

Modern styles are all about simplicity. Our antique oak has a high-gloss finish, adding an interesting visual element without overwhelming other features. Its neutral color blends perfectly with simple color palates, creating a calm and clean atmosphere.

Use Mixed and Matched Lumber Species’

Of course, reclaimed wood floors can also add depth and dimension. Our autumn medley is the perfect selection for both formal and casual areas.

Blending hardwoods will create a space unlike any other. Intensify your fancy dining room or add ambiance to a cozy bedroom. These warm, rich colors will go perfectly with antique furniture while allowing softer design elements time to shine.

Pair Reclaimed Wood Floors With Other Natural Materials

The best thing about antique lumber is its flexibility. Reclaimed wood floors look amazing next to other natural materials. You won’t have to worry about clashes when you opt for hardwood flooring.

Pair dark-colored lumber blend with a stone fireplace for a warm and rustic living room. Match your wood floors with your hand-hewn beams to create symmetry in your kitchen. Your options are limitless, so get creative with your designs.

Choose the Right Reclaimed Floor Color With Benedict Antique Lumber

By now, you should have a better grasp on selecting reclaimed floor colors. Once you’ve picked the one right for you, give Benedict Antique Lumber a call. Working with reputable reclaimed flooring suppliers will guarantee high-quality materials and expert installation.

Wood Colors: A Guide to Choosing Your Reclaimed Floor Color
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