Tips for Designing a Mother-in-Law Suite

Tips for Designing a Mother-in-Law Suite

Mother-in-law suites are excellent home additions for families that need extra space. While the name suggests a living quarter for your extended family, you can use these structures to host anyone while offering maximum privacy. To build a functional and attractive add-on that complements the rest of your home, you’ll need to do some prep work. Here are some tips for designing a mother-in-law suite that’s perfect for all of your guests.

Check Local Guidelines

If you’re creating a mother-in-law suite as a standalone structure, you’ll need to check local building guidelines before you begin. These codes will vary based on your location and dictate what kinds of features you can include. For example, local restrictions may require having separating water and sewer connections for the structure. You’ll need to know these things to avoid having to redo work in the future.

Consider Accessibility Needs

If you are building an in-law suite to house your elderly family members, make sure to consider accessibility needs and incorporate them into your design. Install grab bars, hallways lighting, and wide doorways to accommodate their conditions. Even if your addition doesn’t have special needs, using an accessible design will help you create a versatile structure that can adapt to any kind of guest.

Select an Aesthetic

The next tip for designing a mother-in-law suite is selecting an aesthetic. If you already have someone taking up residence in your add-on, ask them about their design preferences. Are they keen on a modern design, or do they prefer a more rustic atmosphere? Regardless of their desires, you should choose a style that compliments the main home to improve curb appeal and increase your home’s value.

Don’t Neglect the Exterior

Even though your in-law suite is standalone, it is still part of your house and should look like a natural extension. Don’t neglect the exterior when constructing your overall design. If your main home features reclaimed wood exterior siding, consider incorporating the same materials into your in-law suite. Home additions should be cohesive with the primary structure, so keep that in mind while you’re making plans.

Hire Reputable Contractors

The most important part of the designing and building process is hiring reputable contractors like Benedict Antique Lumber. We have all the necessary knowledge to help you create the perfect rustic mother-in-law suite. Contact us today to acquire high-quality antique wood for your home improvement projects.
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